Come Grow With Us

At Tropical Interiors LLC The Plant People, we offer a number of ways to keep your office, restaurant, or other business looking great.We provide plant design, installation and maintenance with a guaranteed weekly visit. We offer leasing agreements, rentals and consultations on everything we use.

Some of our services include a Bromeliad Program, Orchid Program, seasonal blooming, bi-weekly Rotational Flowering Plant Program, Integrated Pest Management Program as well as others.

Many to Choose From

We have an extensive selection of many different styles, colors and textures of decorative containers to choose from. They can help emphasize the beauty of your plants. We also offer contemporary, stainless steel, European, clay, Asian, American, rustic, & earth-friendly styles. We are also an authorized dealer with the means and connections to acquire just about anything you could want. Just ask. After all, we are The Plant People.

Don't forget that Tropical Interiors LLC The Plant People also offers plant maintenance. We're located in Kansas City, Missouri. Contact us today.