Enhance Your Surroundings

We specialize in developing interior landscapes that will compliment your facility. Our guaranteed weekly services include: watering, trimming, cleaning, dusting, rotating, fertilizing, adding soil, re-potting, wiping down the containers and inspecting and treating for insects or diseases, as needed. The quality of our service always exceeds customer expectations and goes above the average industry standards.

Planning and Execution

With Tropical Interiors LLC The Plant People, you'll never have to worry about sacrificing quality of services or plants for affordability. We offer proposals and never ask for money up front. We'll meet with you to discuss style and your desired look while getting a view of your facility. From there we'll develop a plan that best suits your needs and budget while still achieving your vision. Plants will be chosen to highlight and enhance the environment in which they'll be placed, taking into account available space and traffic patterns.

Don't forget that Tropical Interiors LLC The Plant People also offers plant care. We're located in Kansas City, Missouri. Contact us today.

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